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What is Friends of the Hilltop?

Friends of the Hilltop

Friends of the Hilltop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the Greater Hilltop area in Columbus, Ohio.

Our Mission: Our mission is to create a sense of wellbeing through environmental improvement, maintenance, and management, thus creating ownership and empowerment in the greater Hilltop area.

Board Meetings: We meet the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

Public Meetings: We hold an annual meeting in November and other programs as needed.

Membership: Friends of the Hilltop is a membership organization. Please consider joining us.

The History of Friends of the Hilltop

Friends of the Hilltop was founded on March 12, 1996. The first meeting was held at the Greater Hilltop Community Development Corporation and chaired by Gary L. Baker, II. A group of concerned Hilltoppers at that first meeting decided the focus of the organization.

The goal of Friends of the Hilltop is to bring about a Hilltop resurgence. The activities we have undertaken to achieve this mission include environmental improvement with beautification projects, community-wide clean ups, graffiti remediation, recognition of positive neighbor and business activities, and other similar community-building events.

  • These events include having planted more than 100 trees through out the Greater Hilltop area, many at local schools, parks and right of ways.
  • Hosting and participating in dozens of cleanups, including those held at many of the Hilltop community parks and along major thoroughfares of the Hilltop - collecting tons of trash, refuse and other environmental distractions.
  • Hosting an annual Beautification Awards ceremony to recognize residents and businesses for well maintained and eye-catching landscapes.
  • Purchased and plant seasonally 20 large decorative planters along W. Broad St. in partnership with local businesses from 1996-2015. 
  • Maintaining the Hilltop Neighborhood Park, a pocket park owned by Friends of the Hilltop West Broad Street at Whitethorne Ave.
  • Fiscal agent for other like-minded organizations and block watches.

Working with schools to educate our youth on the importance of stopping litter, graffiti and doing their part on recycling, composting and rain water initiatives.

Friends of the Hilltop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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.2016 Board of Trustees

  • President - Dan Downing
  • Vice President - Andrew Proud
  • Secretary - Judy Manley
  • Julia Arbini-Carbonell
  • Princess Roberts

Committee Chairs
Impact, Executive Committee: Dan Downing

Operations Manager
William M Huffman

Office Manager
Echo Wise

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Below: We maintain the I-70 on ramp on Sullivant Avenue. This is the result of a morning of picking litter and mowing.