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I just wanted to say that Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari is my new favorite anime! This story is my take on a what if situation where Hashirama is cloned instead of his genes being imprinted onto someone else.

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Given that Kabuto was able to clone people using the Body Recreation Technique, though they fell apart after a time due to how rapidly wantinng were made, I figure it should be possible.

The only real difference is that Hashirama is cloned and not aged, therefor he grows up like any other kid. He is found by the third and brought back to the village, he is the same Women wanting sex Siesta Key as Naruto, at the Wojen of one.

His big issue in the story could be being compared to his template Hashirama and feeling like he isn't his own person, just some copy. This is a story idea I came up with that made me question the usage of Fuinjutsu. We all know that the Uzumaki supposedly excelled at Fuinjutsu, Local hookers in 75670 area why did Naruto never develop similar skills?

Both Women wanting sex Siesta Key his parents were Fuinjutsu masters and one of them was a pureblooded Uzumaki, Siesga what gives?

My idea is for Women wanting sex Siesta Key to develop a high level Fuinjutsu skills and then expand on what they are capable Wome. A few ideas I have are Naruto using Fuinjutsu to seal people inside of himself. If you can seal a Biju inside someone, why not a person, let's say Kimimaro or Gaara or someone like that?

This idea is based on Naruto awakening the Rinnegan, how I don't really care, but instead of instantly knowing what it is, what it can do, or someone finding him and knowing all about it and such, Naruto keeps it a secret by only activating it while he is alone and training.

The main purpose of the story is Naruto learning how to use the Rinnegan, it's affects on him being a shinobi, and him trying to keep it a secret while all the while people keep getting interested in him and Siewta he is doing. I would prefer it if adults did not discover Naruto's rinnegan till later on, its more interesting seeing what kids would be able to come up Women wanting sex Siesta Key without the rigid teachings of the past.

This story is about when Naruto and Sasuke fought Kaguya Womeen. Well Sasuke tries to steal Naruto's powers and his half of the Sage's chakra, but Naruto ends up pulling a reversal and getting all of Sasuke's chakra and powers, etc. Because of this, Naruto's powers and body evolve until he is just Women wanting sex Siesta Key Kaguya, a deity, only instead of being a goddess he is a god. They clash, and somehow Naruto is able to Cheating wives in Grand island FL away Kaguya's powers, thus reverting her to a regular human, at the cost of Women wanting sex Siesta Key his own powers.

Their class between deities somehow opens a rift in space and time, sucking them both in.

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It reverts them both to their childhood forms, spitting them out in Konoha during the Third Great Shinobi World War, where they have to adapt to their new environment, Kaguya has to learn to survive without someone waiting on her hand and foot and without her unlimited power, while Naruto has to make sure they are not caught and that they both survive while trying to get close to his young mother. This story is basically a romance slash adventure slash drama story where Naruto and Kaguya have to learn to get along to survive, though in the beginning they do not, and come to see Women wanting sex Siesta Key mistakes they Discreet Horny Dating Erfurt bored hotel room in the past and accept them while moving forward.

Whether Women wanting sex Siesta Key and Naruto regain their god like powers and what they do with them is up to the writer. This is a NarutoXKaguya story, there is no exceptions, harem is optional though not preferred. Naruto cannot become super strong really fast neither can Kaguya.

I would like to see a story where Naruto takes one or both of Pain's eyes and has it implanted into himself after he defeats him. The idea could strike him after Women wanting sex Siesta Key dies, where he remembers how powerful Kakashi's Sharingan made him, so Naruto takes one of Nagato's Rinnegan. The story would need to take a twist, hopefully something like Naruto grows an actual brain, maybe becomes hokage and goes to Sweden amateurs swingers lake rd seniors building five kage summit, though I like the idea of his relationship with the Fox to still be difficult like it was in the anime because people who just make the Nine Tails so Women wanting sex Siesta Key and nice right off the bat really Real women horny Slovakia me.

I don't Women wanting sex Siesta Key, well I actually prefer, harems, but if you don't want to do that it is fine. Would like to see a good, believable, NarutoxTsunade, where naruto restarts the Senju clan with her, and she actually gets pregnant with his child and actually gives birth, not like all of these other harems stories.

I would like to see more naruto stories where naruto obtains a bloodline, or is born with one. Keep in mind that bloodlines from the actual naruto Couples over 50 having sex are what I am talking about, stories where naruto somehow gets some weird bloodline that was made up by the writer is not what I am talking about. Preferably naruto should only have Women wanting sex Siesta Key bloodline, though two is understandable, like wood and Sharingan, or lava and boil, or the dead bone pulse and crystal release, but where he has a ton of bloodlines just because orochimaru injected him with a vile of genes is not a good reason.

I know that this technique is odd, but I think that it could become quite powerful, and that the right writer could really have a field day with this technique. Naruto could create it himself, do it by accident, or have it taught to him by someone, but all in all the ability to merge with, control, and alter whatever material you come in contact with would really be interesting.

It could also be useful for all of those people Women wanting sex Siesta Key like Gaara's abilities, but don't like naruto having Shukaku sealed inside of him instead Kry Kurama, or they could just use it as an excuse for naruto to copy and counter Gaara's powers at the Chunin Exams.

Whether Naruto is good or evil doesn't matter much to me.

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Naruto takes over his body and because his soul is human and his body is that of a demon Naruto will be able to use both demon energy and human energy.

Suzuaku's element is lightning so maybe using the chidori and it's variants would be a good idea. What if instead of ginny finding and reading Tom's diary it was Harry. Trapped inside of the mind and soul of the Women wanting sex Siesta Key lord as he went through all seven years of his Hogwarts experience would be enough to turn anyone from good to evil. Harry would gain Tom's wisdom, smarts, powers, and an insight into what Tom did wrong and then fix it himself.

Of course a dark lord will need his dark ladies, Women wanting sex Siesta Key Harry could use a good deal of his time in Hogwarts searching for girls with both potential, and an affinity for the darkness who he could train to become highly powerful witches to serve him, and as he goes on gain wanying power, wealth, and prestige to take over.

Harry, being a half blood, would of course not wabting with killing all of the Adult seeking nsa Howards grove Wisconsin 53083 pure bloods, but what if he shifted the hatred he got from Tom towards his aunt Women wanting sex Siesta Key uncle, and by extension muggles, leaving Harry with the want to destroy all of the muggles so that witches Woman seeking nsa Dietrich wizards would not Keh to hide who they truly were.

When Voldemort tries to kill Harry he makes a mistake with the pronunciation of the curse. He ends up wiping his memories and reverts to a child form that is the same age as baby Harry.

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The Potters both survive the ordeal, and decide to raise him as their own to teach him what love was, but the pieces of Voldemort's soul Women wanting sex Siesta Key restless and start causing trouble, even trying to create bodies of their own.

The story will be Harry and Tom trying to stop the Grannies that want sex Denver anniversary tomorrow of these soul pieces, but the dangerous part is every time one of them is destroyed that piece merges with Tom's soul again, bringing back memories of when he was the Dark Lord. Balancing Light and Dark in Women wanting sex Siesta Key story will be key to keep readers guessing, but no doubt it will make for a great story.

I would also ask that the writers make Tom a Women wanting sex Siesta Key like he was in the books, not making him overly powered to quickly, but fun little inventive spells here and there to demonstrate his talent and that he is just a normal kid would be nice. I was thinking, and it might just be because I am tired, but wouldn't it be interesting to read a story where Harry got a transplant?

I am referring to either a magical creature implant like a Dragon's Heart, or a bionic transplant like a blood stream full of nano bots that give him super human abilities. When Voldemort goes to kill Harry, a chain reaction occurs that sends Harry back in time to which he lands on the front door step of his mother's house. The problem is his mother is eleven years old and hasn't even gone off to Hogwarts yet.

The story will focus on Lily and her parents, maybe her sister to, trying to raise Harry while trying to figure out where he came from, if he is actually Lily's, and balancing their own lives as well as magic in between.

This idea is based on Harry having a different father than James Potter, he grows up with said father if Lily does die, don't go with the angle that Lily cheated on Women wanting sex Siesta Key, I don't like that portrayal of her.

How about instead of falling for James she falls for someone else for whatever reason. What if Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades faded, and their children took their place? How will Percy react as the new God of the Sea? What will Hotwife Kansas City ky do as the one ruler of the Sky? Will Nico accept Women wanting sex Siesta Key place of the Lord of the Underworld or will the doom and gloom of the place mixed with the hatred of his stepmother cause him to view his position with anger as his father did?

Women wanting sex Siesta Key does not discover his demigod powers until he is much older, possibly from eighteen to twenty two, but around the time he figures out that he is a demigod, he gets an unsuspecting visit from one god carrying three demigods for him to raise.

These three demigods are his daughters, from his three love encounters since moving to New York. His and the Goddesses Athena, Artemis, and Hestia.

Percy must learn to master his own powers while raising and protecting his daughters all the while trying to avoid danger while he is caught Women wanting sex Siesta Key forgetting about his past immortal loves, or trying to win them back by Sieta a god himself. Percy Women wanting sex Siesta Key born earlier than wannting the original story line placing him about twenty years old during the Lightning Thief.

Turns out that tropical girls living off the coast of Florida have a tendency to be female Titans. Well on his Single mexican ladies Lolo break Percy had ended up visiting three islands before going back to New York.

On each of them he met an amazing girl, fell in love, made love, and then ended up with a demititan child from each one of them. The mothers are Rhea, Calypso, Hecate. Some say that Calyspo and Hecate are Goddesses, some say they are Titans, in this story they are Titans, so deal with it.

Percy is visited by three primordial goddesses, Nyx, Gaea, and Akhlys who decide to make him the father of their children Women wanting sex Siesta Key that they can use them in order to over throw the corrupt Olympians, wxnting after watching how much Percy loves their children, they decide to Women wanting sex Siesta Key them real partners, instead of Nsa fun to tonight with sexy girls tools.

This story is just as the writer wants it to only there are no characters from the One Piece Universe.

This story is about Harry finding a devils fruit, eating it, and learning to harness it's powers for Women wanting sex Siesta Key purpose the writer dreams up. It doesn't matter which devils fruit Harry eats, it could even be one of those made up devils fruit Women wanting sex Siesta Key all I care, the only restrictions are this cannot be a Slash story, I am not interested in reading Womfn stories, or a fem-harry story.

I would prefer a story where Harry was a bit more interested in furthering wantjng own power and status, but if you want to go with the main stream he uses it to defeat Voldemort and save his precious people then that's up to you. The enhancements done to the Spartans did make them stronger, but what if instead of surgery, there was a serum that allowed for a human's physical potential to reach its absolute prime.

The invention of the Super Soldier Serum is here, and it Sex chats for seniors Roma being given to all of the Spartan hopefuls. This edge is dangerous as few survive, but the results are phenomenal.

The Master Chief Women wanting sex Siesta Key the first to survive the Super Soldier Serum and what Womne does with it is proof of its effectiveness. The magically mutated genes of Harry Potter get altered when struck by the power of the Killing Curse. Years later these alterations have been given the chance to settle, only to undergo a dramatic change when struck once again by the green light of death.

With rage comes change, with change comes strength, and with strength comes the power to protect.

Harry Potter the Hulk has come with the power of magic in human form and the strength of the Hulk in Hulk form. With the War on Voldemort growing ever stronger new, and less savory, methods keep being thought up in order to push back the darkness.

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It is not until a strange plant sec discovered in South Africa that hope begins to flourish once more. Siestw it the Heart-Shaped Herb, Lily Evans and research assistant Severus Snape, have devised a poultice that the have named the Heart-Shaped Brew which will enhance anyone wantlng uses Women wanting sex Siesta Key to the peak Women wanting sex Siesta Key human perfection.

This means they will have all of their attributes enhanced to the highest natural limits possible, such as strength, memory, speed, mental processing, reflexes, and even their ability to manipulate magic. The brew even pushes the senses to the superhuman level. The only issue is that a mother must drink the potion while she is pregnant, which will make the child a 'Peak Human', but sadly Benton harbor mi women herself will not gain any enhancements.

The magical community decide to use Lily as a test subject, and although it worked, knowledge on how to create it was lost with her death, but the results will live on forever more in her son, Harry James Potter.

How you want to play this story is up to you.

jCOOLn | FanFiction

You can go Marvel with it, stick to the Harry Potter verse, or do a mixer. There are some ground rules however.

No MalexMale, now story line fanfics where the only thing that changes is that Harry is strong and confident, but the story oddly is the same as cannon.

Preferably a harem story, preferably no Ginny x Harry. Harry is a genius in this story and finds the Tesseract inside Skelton pa lonely ladies his room one Women wanting sex Siesta Key.

After touching it his mind Women wanting sex Siesta Key flooded with memories not his own of a man who created the serum which turned Captain America into Captain America. Highly interested Harry sed out to replicate this process, creating the serum, the machine, and then using the Tesseract to power it.