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Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model Look Teen Sex

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Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model

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Start Your Own Topic Bald men are so ugly. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Bald men are so ugly. Looking for inspiration on the internet I somehow came across this discussion where some guy rants about rich guys with hot gf: Forgot to post the the link: Originally Posted by noway.

And for some strange reason instead of getting angry, because I'm loosing my hair i find their comments so hilarious. My basyard one was this lol: Wow its been like over 4 hours, went shopping and still can't abld laughing every time I remember I am a "despicable animal" looooooooool. What is really funny is usually the women that shit on men the most are average Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model below average looking themselves.

Some women like bald some dont simple as that! What they don't like are bald moody guys with hang-ups about being bald or going bald. Originally Posted by baldozer.

Such women are mostly the fat and ugly ones. They take pleasure in degrading man for being bald, ugly, short etc.

Wanting Adult Dating Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model

Originally Posted by fitnessisgood4u. Originally Posted by hairlessM. Add me to the bald moody guys with hang-ups list. The women are just being honest and I have Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model agree with them.

Bald men are the most unappealing people in the world. Yeah, there are a few exceptions, but even the exceptions look like rubbish when surround by other men with hair. I don't blame women or society for looking down on us, modwl majority in this forum all agree as well, that's why they're all here.

It really is gross looking. A lot of my friends pass for early 20's while most people think I'm early to mid 40's. I cannot tell you how many times I have been the only nw7 under 60 batsard a room. There is nothing attractive or appealing or masculine about that and no woman wants to know you.

Try picking your child up from school with a bunch of grandpa's who all have more hair then you. I wrote Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model life off years ago because of it and have no symphony towards anyone else's physical flaws because nothing is worse than this.

Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model

And before anyone says it's all in my head, I never cared about it at all for the first 10 years but it was everybody else who made a big deal about it. My own mother and family used to tell me I looked horrendous with a shaved head and that no one will ever hire me or no woman will ever want to be with me.

I heard it Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model years and years from everyone around me.

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Soon as it became obvious I was destined to be nw7 before 30 everyone began with the it "looks good", "it suits you", "don't worry about it" and all that rubbish. A complete turn ie" the feel sorry card.

Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model

It was drilled directly into my face that nobody likes bald men for years, and now that I am one, they all have to bite their Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model. I can't believe I have to live my whole adult life like this. Right now, not only do I hope they never cure it but I hope it becomes more and more common in both men and women.

Hows that for a bitter rant? These extreme views on either side Uglh ridiculous. Yes, having forr hair is better than no hair and you should try to keep it if you can.

But to seek out and then listen to the extreme views and believe life goes Denver colorado lesbian. shyt because there's no hair is quite idiotic.

Bald men are so ugly. -

If Brad Pitt is the perfect 10, then the personality, charisma, confidence, charm, and a crooked smile makes up while hair may give the remaining Do the best with what you have, where you are, and how you can.

Bytching is for bytches.

Quick Navigation Men's Hair Loss: Wigs, Toppers, Hair Integration. Similar Threads Why everyone fears being ugly. By yeahyeahyeah in forum Hair Loss Rants. Start Your Own Topic.

Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model I ugly with shaved head? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Last Post By Ahab. My Finasteride Journey Last Post By beyondthet. Beard Transplant Skin Problems Yesterday Last Post By jconley. Oht hair growing 4 weeks after HT? Three experts give their verdict All times are GMT The time now is Results 1 to 10 of 77 Thread: You are such a liar.

Ugly bald bastard looking for hot model Seeking Real Dating

I would rather have sex with a pound dude or a guy with a tiny wiener than let one of those despicable animals touch me! I seem to attract bald men. Some of the responses Well if fat and ugly women hate bald men, you can only imagine how much actual hot women would hate bald men. Go back to sluthate. By yeahyeahyeah in forum Hair Loss Rants Llooking Start Your Own Topic Replies: