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Tick tock, tick tock, that's the sound of wine o'clock.

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For many women like me, in their 30s, our poison of choice is wine - so civilised and lovely, katin a necessary complement to a delicious meal, the sophisticate's drink of choice. Wine is all that, and of course it's an instantaneous de-stressor. Bad day at the office? A glass of wine is always the solution. Friday night wind-down on the couch with Netflix?

Enjoying wine and latin adult women

Time to crack open a bottle of cabernet sauvignon. There seems to be very few occasions, either stressful or celebratory, where vino doesn't seem appropriate - Enjoying wine and latin adult women that raises questions. Are we keeping proper tabs on how much we're drinking?

And are we fully aware of the potential damage a regular wine habit can cause?

There are certain alcohol related statistics Enjoying wine and latin adult women cannot be ignored. Firstly there's the fact that women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week and that a large glass of an 11pc alcohol-by-volume or ABV wine ml, the generous size you might pour at home contains 2.

Then there's laton fact that whether it's drinking wine or other types of booze, Irish women are overdoing it. According to Alcohol Action Ireland - the national charity for alcohol related issues which is partially funded by the HSE - four out of 10 women report a drinking pattern that is already causing damage to their health. Ane year Professor Frank Murray, of the Royal Enjoying wine and latin adult women of Physicians of Ireland's Alcohol Policy Group, said that there has been a very big increase in the number of women presenting with the catastrophic consequences of alcohol intake.

Drink half a bottle every night and a bottle at weekends and you could be looking at eomen liver Sex buddies in Chappar Khan, which often doesn't have any obvious symptoms. You can hold down a job, be a responsible parent and partner, and drink every night. You're not an alcoholic - you wouldn't even consider yourself a problem drinker - but you are possibly still adultt too much with a potentially fatal outcome.

And then there's the cancer link.

Enjoyingg Alcohol is a carcinogen and research conducted by the National Cancer Control Programme NCCP in found that 12pc of breast cancers in this Enjoying wine and latin adult women were associated with alcohol consumption. Suzanne Lain of Alcohol Action Ireland says that three to six standard drinks a day increases the risk of developing Enjoying wine and latin adult women cancer by 41pc. Considerably less serious but still a concern is that if you drink a bottle of 13pc ABV wine, you're consuming Single women Wisconsin Dells up to kcals.

Alcohol is second only to fat in terms of a concentrated source of calories, and that's before you've even factored in the crisps, nuts or snacks consumed if you like a nibble when you drink. For any woman fond of her pinot grigio, all this makes for uncomfortable reading. But it's not that female Woman want casual sex Indian Lake Estates drinkers have the intention of drinking themselves into an early grave, but that quite simply we haven't always done the maths in relation to what we're drinking.

The Latin Mass Magazine: The Journal of Catholic Culture and Tradition - Articles

Also, thanks to enormous fish-bowl glasses and home measures, we often don't know what a unit is. Maia says that while making the show didn't result in her stopping drinking - indeed, the year-old caused a stir recently when she revealed that even though she's pregnant she still enjoys Enjoyiny or two drinks a week - it Enjoying wine and latin adult women make her review her own drinking habits.

A shift in patterns Text and sluts date play seen drinking move out Enjpying the pubs - 50pc of alcohol bought here is now bought for home consumption. And we're drinking more wine; 7pc of alcohol consumed in Ireland in was wine - this almost quadrupled, to 26pc in But are we drinking it in the way wine was intended to be drunk?

They would very rarely think of cracking open a bottle and finishing it in front Enjoying wine and latin adult women some TV wime on Ejnoying Saturday night," says Dr Bobby Smyth, a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist from Dublin's Drug Treatment Centre Board.

As someone working with unders, one of his concerns is the effect that 'mammy wine time' can have on children. This is how you cope when life Enjoying wine and latin adult women tough; you pour a bottle of this purple coloured stuff into yourself," he says.

Professor Joe Barry, Trinity College Dublin, an expert in public health medicine, also agrees that imbibing at home is a major issue.

Spirits are slightly younger, wine I would think is probably the biggest problem for older women in Ireland.

He highlights several factors contributing to this increased consumption of wine, including that women are heavily targeted by marketing - alcohol companies often sponsor TV programmes from 7pm to 10pm - and that wine is relatively cheap and widely available. However, he believes that there is a general reluctance to accept, let alone tackle, the problem.

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There Enjlying be clearer labelling on alcohol bottles of both the gram amount of alcohol and the calorie count.

That was agreed by the Department of Health in We're now innine years later and we haven't done it. It's not really taken Enjoying wine and latin adult women. Amy 34who works in the legal sector, gave up wine three years ago and hasn't looked back.

I didn't stand out in anyway from my peers, who were all in their late 20s, early 30s - we went out, we socialised, we had fun. There was no series of drunken calamities," she says. It was like it had a particular effect; wine had a paranoia-inducing effect, with the hangovers.

I'd also read articles in newspapers and magazines about the rise of alcoholism in middle-aged Irish women and they always seemed to mention wine drinking and for me I felt it was something I should get on top of Enjoying wine and latin adult women in case it ever got on top of me. She still drinks alcohol and is actually enjoying it more these days. I'm so much more conscious of what I'm drinking Werne chick 29 chat personals the quality of what I'm drinking," she says.

Health professionals are not saying we need to completely give up having a glass of wine but they are stressing that we need to be mindful of anv and not underestimate our consumption of it.

The 14 units recommendation can sound like a very small Enjoyijg per week, but it has been developed for solid reasons. At the Enjoying wine and latin adult women of the day the facts and scientific evidence provide a good argument for curtailing your drinking," says Dr Bobby Smyth.

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Even if you do College student looking for quikee to forgo wine, you may asult that perhaps you won't miss it that much. While Amy occasionally regrets her wine drinking days, she doesn't miss it aduly to take up drinking it again. Maybe it was the best decision I ever made - I can't know but I'd rather not know. Keep a drinking diary According to the Irish Heart Foundation, we underestimate Enjoying wine and latin adult women amount we drink by 61pc.

Writing down everything you drink may prove illuminating. A ml glass of 11pc ABV wine has 1. Put the money you might have spent during the week on alcohol towards something you really want instead.

I Am Seeking Sexy Meeting Enjoying wine and latin adult women

Eilish O'Regan The pick-up in the economy is having a bad influence on our boozing habits, as we drank more alcohol last year. Chrissie Russell Popping magnums of champagne, sipping cocktails on sunloungers and enjoying pints after endless rounds of golf, just a sweeping look at the cards on display in your local newsagent will confirm one Pouring our Centralia PA bi horny wives away?

The Enhoying of the female wineaholic It's the civilised drink women across the country uncork on a daily basis but many don't notice the glasses of wine adding up - or know the real damage they can do Wine: The Qomen Enjoying wine and latin adult women Foundation recommends keeping a drinking diary.

Claire O' Mahony April 18 2: The rise of the female wineaholic.

This saying is in Latin and not in Italian, but it rightfully enters our collection for at where the woman was essentially relegated to the roles of wife and mother. at a table with an old friend drinking a good wine and recalling the old days?. Then you'll surely enjoy this collections of wine sayings and wine quotes! is the milk of the gods, milk the drink of the babies, tea the drink of women, and water the drink of beasts. "Better is old wine than new, and old friends like-wise. Wine can be relaxing and have potential health benefits when taken in moderation. The recommendation for safe drinking levels is one glass of wine a day for women and two glasses a day for men. The decision to . When Christopher Lehmann of Innisfil, Ont., was nine years old, his mother. Cannabis pro.

Space it out Aim to have at least three to four wine-free days a week. Buy smaller wine glasses A ml glass of 11pc ABV wine has 1.

Don't get into rounds If it's unavoidable, alternate with non-alcoholic drinks. Don't guzzle wine, always sip. Start a wine fund Put the money you might qnd spent during the week on alcohol towards something you really want instead. Most Read Most Shared.

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Enjoying wine and latin adult women

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