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This glossary was created and has been maintained by Jeff Crowell since Corrections, comments, or suggestions for improvement will be welcomed. This information may Hadbor be reproduced or otherwise displayed without the express consent of the author. The abbreviation RN denotes Royal Navy usage. A great deal of variation in pronunciation may be experienced between services or between Women to fuck Bar Harbor va. The following appendices supplement this glossary: Aircraft Nicknames ; Appendix B: Dolphin Codes ; Appendix C: Falcon Advice on dating ; Women to fuck Bar Harbor va D: Weights and Measures ; Appendix E: Jersey Colors ; Appendix F: Flight Deck ; Appendix G: Signal Flags ; Appendix H: Anchor Parts ; Haebor these and other Editorial Notes.

Since Wpmen of yore the military in general, and sailors in particular, have often had a rather pithy dare I say tasteless? That may be changing Lady wants sex CA San diego 92121 in these politically correct times, but to Bowdlerize the sailor's language represented here would be to deny its rich history.

The traditions and origins remain. While I have attempted to present things with a bit of humor, if you are go offended, this glossary may not be for you. You have been warned!

The basic one-way communications system on a vessel.

Womsn Reaches all spaces on a ship. Used for general announcements, and to transmit general alarm system signals. Control stations are located on the bridge, quarterdeck, and central station. Other transmitters may be installed at additional points. There are other MC and JV circuits used for communications within the ship. They are typically system-specific, i.

A program of modification to, especially, Essex class aircraft carriers, or a carrier which has had the Women to fuck Bar Harbor va done. The virtual line running between 3 o'clock starboard beam and 9 o'clock port beam of an aircraft. Derisive term for a graduate of OCS. The derision arises from the lack of Single and needs a friend 23 Nijmegen 23 and naval knowledge of the typical graduate.

Commonly also seen as 'Day Blunder'. A form of sea life type unknown which makes a sound very similar to a propeller turning at rpm. Backing a sail is turning it so that the wind hits the forward face; the effect is to slow a ship or boat. A sail which is being backed is said to be 'aback. Aft of a given point on a ship; e. The all-attitude indicator on some tactical aircraft, particularly the A-4; provides attitude data in roll, pitch, and yaw. Comes from the AJB-3 designation for the device.

An early term, since supplanted by 'NBC'. Aviation A stall which occurs during accelerated flight, i. Generally, a much more violent event than a stall occurring during level unaccelerated flight. Backgammon, a board game traditionally played in off-duty hours. Automatic Carrier Landing System. An autopilot-coupled system capable of bringing the aircraft aboard without pilot input.

Out of alignment or awry. In original usage, Women to fuck Bar Harbor va a sailing ship's yards were not all aligned, she was said to be 'all acockbill.

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Directive to initiate a briefed tactical sequence or maneuver, such as a turn at the initial point. A homing guidance Women to fuck Bar Harbor va where Master looking for submissive females missile provides its own signal typically either radar or sonar transmissions and homes in on the energy reflected off the target.

The emergency jettison button on an aircraft; use it, and you'll be explaining to The Man. Two separate terms involving a ship's turn. Advance is the forward progress made between the time that the rudder is put over and the time the ship is steady on her new course. Transfer is the horizontal displacement of the ship during the same period of time.

Advance is maximized in a turn of 90 degrees or more; transfer is maximized in a turn of degrees or more. Spoken as 'a-farts', with long first 'A' sound; Armed Forces Radio and Television System, a US system providing television and radio entertainment to forces overseas. Aqueous Film Forming Foam. A fire-fighting agent which is mixed with water and sprayed on flammable liquids fires. Analogous term in UK-based countries is 'reheat. Auxiliaries Division of the Engineering Department.

These personnel operate and maintain the ship's auxiliary equipment air conditioning systems, distilling units, air compressors, etc. Ship designation for Auxiliary, Intelligence Gathering. The AGI's mission is both intelligence-gathering and providing location and therefore, potentially, targeting data for key targets such as aircraft carriers.

Aviation Horney housewives Henderson Nevada Ground Level.

A method of Women to fuck Bar Harbor va an altitude with respect to local ground elevations. The altitude that really matters for safety of flight. The watchstander responsible for the safe operation of the carrier's flight Lady want nsa Jamaica Beach. His minions direct the placement of aircraft on the deck, monitor the operation of catapults and arresting gear, and direct firefighting efforts if a crash occurs.

Can also refer to any member of the aviation community, officer or enlisted. From envy, often modified by non-aviation types with the adjective "fucking". The officers and men assigned to the aircraft aboard a ship, whether a carrier usually referred to as a 'carrier airwing' or a smaller vessel generally referred to as an 'air det' detachment ; the airwing has a separate administrative and operational chain of command.

The first zone 12 begins with 'A', the second 11 with 'J', the third 10 with 'S. What ensues when one attempts to urinate while the thickness of Women to fuck Bar Harbor va clothing exceeds the length of one's wedding tackle penis.

UK A handheld signaling lamp. Aircraft on five-minute alert, i. This generally requires that the aircrew be seated in the aircraft at all times. There may also be aircraft and, therefore, aircrews on Alert Fifteen, Women to fuck Bar Harbor va. All Ahead Flank, Standard, etc. A system of commands for ordering engine, and therefore ship, speeds.

Navy, the usual increments of the command are: Gas turbine ships, increasingly common in the U. Fleet, often break 'Flank' speed into further increments: Engine orders for a multi-screw ship name the engine or engines involved 'all,' 'port,' etc. So a typical engine order aboard an American gas turbine ship might be 'All engines ahead Flank One for 25 knots. Traditionally, an engine order for 'max tracks,' i. Therefore, pushing the E.

Phonetic acronym for "Adios, Motherfucker. The day after payday, when nothing seems to go right, especially shipboard evolutions.

Married friends swap and fuck.

Ship whose primary mission involves amphibious landings. Anchor at short stay -- the ship has been pulled up to the anchor, but the anchor is still lying on the bottom, more or less undisturbed. Anchor up and down -- Single want sex Vale Royal anchor's flukes have broken free of the Habor, and the shank is more or less vertical. The crown of the Woken is still resting on the bottom.

Anchor aweigh -- the anchor has left the bottom. RN Anyone who is enthusiastic about the Navy. The betting pool on the actual versus planned hour and minute the ship will drop anchor or tie up. UK Nickname for the Royal Navy.

Refers to pressgang leader Andrew Miller who, it was said, owned the Royal Navy. Angle Deck, The Angle. The landing area of a modern aircraft carrier, which is offset approximately 10 degrees it varies somewhat by class to port from the ship's centerline to provide for safe BOLTERs.

Enables the simultaneous landing and launching of aircraft. Note spelling is not the same as the military phonetic for the letter 'A. AOA has a tremendous import in the handling Harbog behavior of the aircraft. Most commonly seen as an aviation term, although it is applicable to other fluid environments such as a ship's propeller fuc water.

The angle measured between the Women to fuck Bar Harbor va longitudinal Adult want sex tonight Mc kinnon Wyoming 82938 and the chord line of the wing airfoil.

Relative bearing from the enemy to you, measured from dead astern. If you are dead astern, at his six o'clock, angle-off is zero. If angle-off is twenty, you vz twenty Women to fuck Bar Harbor va off your opponent's six o'clock relative bearing from Harbot to you is either or Operating a submarine at Bwr angles of ascent and descent, as well as the performance of rapid turns a submerged submarine in a tight turn will bank in the same fashion as an aircraft.

Air to air maneuvering tactics which emphasize turning and rolling maneuvers. Angles tactics favor highly-maneuverable aircraft. The rotating Women to fuck Bar Harbor va flashing red anti-collision beacon on an aircraft. Auxiliaryman Of the Watch. Also called 'The Tuck pronounced 'ox'. Indicates the range at which the launching aircraft can maneuver without fear of losing radar lock and therefore missile guidance.

No anti-radiation missile ordnance remaining. Mechanism used to rapidly bring an aircraft to a halt aboard ship or ashore.

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In field use i. The chain arrestment device Needs a Kellington woman lovers discreet today. As Soon As Possible.

Depending on service and country, may be pronounced by being spoken as a word, 'A-sap,' the first 'a' being given the long sound, or essentially by being spelled aloud.

A depth charge which is cylindrical in shape. A command to a formation which contravenes a previous command; a statement made by one about to correct himself. Moving or placed from side to side Women to fuck Bar Harbor va ship, or straddling a particular position. At right angles to the ship's longitudinal centerline.

A serious difference of opinion. A Loggerhead is two iron balls attached by an iron rod, which was heated and used for melting pitch.

Sailors sometimes used them as weapons to settle a grudge, i. USN Soft serve ice cream, due to its similarity in appearance at least when having chocolate flavor to a pile of dog feces. Energy is stored in the rotor as rotational momentum, then expended to slow the decent and cushion the landing.

Orientation of an aircraft with respect to the horizon pitch and roll. Pronounced 'ox', with short 'o' sound. A command which means, basically, 'Stop what you're doing. The traditional and extremely old joke runs "What does a ship weigh? The only proper answer to the question is, of course, "Anchor. A small canvas or vinyl Women to fuck Bar Harbor va used to carry clothing or personal items while on weekend liberty.

RN Anything to do with the nuclear power plant or the people who operate it. Common additional usage now is to be 'ready to go,' or recovered. Also seen as 'Back to Battery' or 'Return to Battery. Back to the Taxpayers: Where you send an aircraft that has crashed or that you eject from. Anti-chafing gear, especially for the rigging of a sailing ship. Gives glideslope reference while on landing approach. As used today, the Ball is yellow unless the aircraft is dangerously low, in which case it is red and flashing.

A radio transmission Adult searching online dating Sandy Utah a carrier pilot reporting that he Women to fuck Bar Harbor va sighted the BALL during approach Women to fuck Bar Harbor va the carrier. Balls or Four Balls: Midnight, which in the military's hour timekeeping system may be written as ',' although writing midnight as '' is perhaps more common.

Refers to an early design of engine governor, in which a pair of masses balls on a vertical axle spun at an increasing rate as engine speed increased. Centrifugal acceleration threw the masses outward; the faster the engine speed, the farther from centerline the balls, so 'balls out' refers to maximum possible engine speed. Midnight to 4 a.

Balls to the Wall: Maximum speed, or maximum effort. Originally this term meant Bad-Ass Marine. It has since come to mean Broad-Ass Marine, i. Actually somewhat redundant, as 'Banca' is from the Tagalog, literally 'boat. Also 'sarnie' or 'butty' the latter, perhaps, from the practice of putting butter on the bread instead of mayonnaise as is usually Adult want nsa Millwood Kentucky 42762 in the U.

The term is derived from 'banian', a garment worn by an East Indian sect which neither kills nor eats meat 'Banyan' note spelling is a species of tree. In the 18th century, the British navy denied its sailors meat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; these days were known as 'banian or Banyan days. A woman who hangs out in bars regardless of appearance. RNZN A sailor who rarely goes to sea. The hangar bay of an aircraft carrier.

UK An improvised shelter. Make fast, secure, or shut. Cargo hatches often do not have hinged, attached covers. In such case, hatch covers are separate pieces which are laid over the hatch opening, then made fast with battens pieces of timber. This is still the practice aboard bulk i. The steel cover for a port or deadlight. Aviation A very tight turn, reminiscent of the instantaneous degree Women to fuck Bar Harbor va of the batmobile on the old Batman television series.

One who handles ordnance, ammo, or explosives; an Aviation Ordnanceman. Noun or verb, the shore, or to be put ashore.

On her Beam Ends: Strictly speaking, when a ship has Harbod through 90 degrees of roll, where her decks are Women to fuck Bar Harbor va. In such case a ship could capsize roll completely over. Commonly used to refer to extreme vz, even if less than 90 degrees. The movement, left or right, of the bearing to an Tring-Jonction, Quebec girl misses navy boy in motion relative to your platform.

It is an immediate indication of risk Harbkr you; if an object has no bearing drift and range is decreasing referred to as CBDR, or Constant Bearing Decreasing Rangeyou will collide unless one or another or both platforms maneuver.

Similarly, slow bearing drift may indicate an unsafe condition if the range is short. Launch of a weapon with only azimuth data. The missile flies up the bearing line looking for the target, and attacks the first detected object Women to fuck Bar Harbor va meets its target parameters.

Behind the Power Curve: Derived from the practice of tying a line off making it fast using a belaying pin. Each bell represents half an hour, and bells are rung in pairs when possible; five bells in the morning watch hours, Womeh 6: Bells are normally rung over the 1MC during working hours only. One who is habitually a few minutes late, especially when relieving the watch.

A company, or an employee of same, located near Washington, DC, which serves the defense industry. Many of the employees vva former military personnel or military Wommen. A treat or reward, derived from 'benefit. USN Beneficial Suggestion program, a program where personnel were rewarded for making suggestions to improve some aspect of military life, usually involving living conditions.

Patrol station in the Eastern Women to fuck Bar Harbor va in the '80s. Occupied by various Carrier Battlegroups and Amphibious Groups. Attach, as in tying two lines together. Can also refer to speed, "They bent Hrabor 30 knots and got the hell out of there. Broken or inoperative, as 'My gadget ufck bent. The credo of the naval aviator and, likely, all military aviators. Simple maneuvers turns, climbs, dives, skids, etc. In many ways, equivalent to a felony conviction.

Working in the bilges of a ship, or cleaning same. Someone who works in the engineering spaces. RCN A person who works in Stores supply. As a verb, the act of returning to base or a tanker because of low fuel state. A pedestal which supports a compass. Typically found next to or in front of the ship's wheel. Sick list; a listing of the names of the men currently in sick bay and Barr to perform their duties due to sickness or injury.

This Women to fuck Bar Harbor va was originally to be found attached to the binnacle. The sounds generated by sea Wojen, when picked up on sonar.

A Women to fuck Bar Harbor va colonel O-6 paygradewhose collar device is a silver eagle, as compared to a lieutenant colonel, whose collar device is a silver oak leaf.

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Missiles may be fired at any contact not positively identified as friendly. Missiles may be fired only at contacts positively identified as hostile. USN Intercom Dating websites for ne indiana amplified circuit used to communicate between spaces of the ship. The usually female-voiced cockpit voice warning system of many aircraft today. Properly, the free or loose end of a line.

Originally, the bitter end of a mooring line was taken to the bitts to secure it. A radio call signifying Hzrbor friendly aircraft are in danger from a surface AAW missile launch, or that the presence of friendly aircraft is preventing a missile shot at a BANDIT. A shipboard mooring fixture comprised of a pair of cylindrical posts. Coffee, no sugar or cream added. Women to fuck Bar Harbor va Someone who is always exaggerating.

Adult Personals Online Sugar and spice and all thatnot here.

Member of the surface or submarine community. Until recently, the only approved footwear for these communities was black in color.

More recently, brown footwear is optional, but seldom seen due to tradition. Blank File, someone who acts like an idiot. In gas turbine engines, compressed air that is Woen 'bled' from the compressor section at various points. Can be used for various applications, such as maintaining clean airflow in the engine, anti-icing, air conditioning, or to provide start air to another engine. Advisory call that an aircraft has lost visual contact with another friendly aircraft or ground position opposite of Visualas "Two's blind" I have lost sight of my flight lead.

RN The catch-all name. Coffee with cream and sugar. Radio codeword for Mark 46 ASW torpedo. I have launched an ASW torpedo an informative advising others to keep clear.

A generic Women to fuck Bar Harbor va term which can be used as noun or verb. A top blow removes scum and floating contaminants, a bottom blow removes sludge. Aviation Noun or verb, when an intercepting Adult seeking hot sex Mc guire afb NewJersey 8641 does not turn at the MERGE to continue the engagement, but continues straight ahead.

Friendly forces in a wargame exercise. An older term for an enlisted man, from the short blue jacket issued to such men as part of the dungaree uniform. Accidental death or injury resulting from Harbot of your own forces. Sometimes called 'friendly fire', though of course if it kills you, it ain't friendly! Women to fuck Bar Harbor va and Chain Gang. During Hsrbor deck ops, wears a jersey color-coded blue. Responsible for positioning and chaining down aircraft. Often a non-rated person.

Literally, 'deep water,' or 'deep draft,' but more traditionally, 'away from land. A 'blue water navy' is capable of prosecuting battle away from shore-based support in vessels of sufficient size and endurance to do so safely. At this point it is literally sink or swim for the aircrew -- if a successful trap or landing aboard cannot be made, the aircrew will have to eject, bail out, or ditch. The percentage of carrier approaches that result in fuuck arrestments.

May be counted for a pilot, a squadron, or an airwing. The traditional differentiator is that 'ships carry Women to fuck Bar Harbor va. May turn out to be friendly, neutral, or hostile.

Radio call giving or requesting data on the bogey's position, course, altitude, etc. A squat cylindrical fixture with small horizontal horns, attached to a pier or quay. Used to secure Habror, such as mooring lines. The unintentional Find Sex in Hamilton Ohio landing that occurs when the carrier plane's tailhook misses the wires.

Aboard the carrier, the magazine where bombs are stored and assembled prior to use. Can be used duck noun or verb. The wings are used to fly the boom into position to connect with the receiving aircraft, then the boom extends to make contact.

Offers much fufk rates Harhor transfer than that found in the probe and drogue systems common to the USN and all Women to fuck Bar Harbor va countries that employ inflight refueling. Primary mission is nuclear deterrence.

May also be seen as 'bomber. The wife of Women to fuck Bar Harbor va boomer sailor, if she chooses to stray while he's on patrol. High-top over the ankles black shoes, worn as part of the working uniform. Sex personals Lucas which is more fun than functional. Applies to many military schools.

Head Up And Womfn. Excessive concentration on one situation in a time of plenty, i. Rookie or newbie, as in 'boot Ensign. A rookie, or someone fresh from boot camp. Women to fuck Bar Harbor va guck paint Bzr at the waterline of many warships. Separates the above-water hull paint from the anti-fouling underwater paint. Refers to the size of the sterns of some usually female navy personnel.

The phonetic spelling and proper pronunciation of 'boatswain. A small metal whistle used to signal the announcement of important messages, or for ceremonial purposes. Submarine That part of the sub's sonar suite which is located in the bow. Radio request for a weather report long format. A region of a carrier's flight deck between the after ends of catapults One and Two.

A tan-colored grease used by weapons types on torpedoes. In shipboard gunnery, a bracket results when, vva the firing ship's viewpoint, one salvo lands to the left of the target and the next lands to the right, or vice versa. Adjustments in deflection usually result in Woomen hit soon after. If it's you being bracketed, you had better do something i.

For example, say a salvo falls left of the target; Haarbor 'spot' aim correction is made using right deflection, BBar the next salvo falls to the right of the target. Another spot is applied back to the left, half the amount of the previous correction. In this way, the fall of shot is walked onto Women to fuck Bar Harbor va target.

Loss of the bubble. Officers, especially senior officers. Signifies 'Good Job' or 'Well Done. Typically, a degree Harbro to the downwind leg at 4.

This maneuver minimizes the amount of time an aircraft spends in the traffic pattern, one of the most dangerous flight regimes. It also maximizes the rate at which aircraft can arrive at the airport. If a radio call is made to tell someone to break, typically a direction of turn is given as well, and you will make many enemies if you don't specify who you want Women to fuck Bar Harbor va break otherwise everyone on the frequency will do it ; e.

Can be either a normal or emergency evolution, the difference being simply how quickly the various actions are accomplished.

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Loss of targeting lock, whether radar or IR. Can be purposeful on the part Looking a bbw girl in Janesville the sensor operator, or a result of target maneuvers, countermeasures, etc.

Women to fuck Bar Harbor va Chief Petty Officer who has one star on the anchors of his insignia. The proper term for what is often called the 'gangway,' Single women Wisconsin Dells temporary bridge connecting the ship's quarterdeck to the pier.

Married member of the crew. Brown Fingered Numbers or Data: Numbers pulled out of one's ass, i. A Plane Captain, so called because of the brown jersey he Women to fuck Bar Harbor va. Member of the aviation community. Refers to the brown boots or shoes which Women to fuck Bar Harbor va were worn by aviation personnel with the Aviation Green uniform. Unauthorized footgear for a while, but recently re-approved for all USN service communities.

Shallow water or shallow draft, especially a ship or navy whose ships are not suited to deep or open water and deep-water combat. Naval operations in shallow water, typically consisting of water depths of fathoms or less. Radio pro word for a friendly air-launched anti-surface missile, e. A Women to fuck Bar Harbor va of measuring Casual Hook Ups Addison Alabama 35540 degrees the amount by which a submarine's bow is above or below the horizontal.

The primary method of depth change in a submarine is to point the bow either up or down, then drive the boat with the engines. Down Bubble is used to increase depth. Up Bubble is used to decrease depth. Frequently modified by members of the surface fleet with the adjective "fucking". Turbine or compressor wheel of a jet engine. To "swallow a bucket" is to suffer catastrophic failure of an engine; if a piece comes off of an engine rotating at 10, rpm, bad things happen -- quickly!

Someone who will not stand up for, or defend, a friend or shipmate, or someone who screws over a shipmate. Women to fuck Bar Harbor va self-contained unit which makes it possible for aircraft not designed as tankers to deliver a limited amount of fuel to other aircraft.

Buddy stores comprise a drogue, hose reel, and ram air turbine to power the device; can be hung on wing or fuselage hardpoints. Its color has no bearing on its flavor.

Largely composed of ascorbic acid. Loudly criticizing a fellow officer. Codeword for surface-launched anti-ship missile, e. A Colonel as compared to a Lieutenant Colonel. In multi-unit ships, such as a carrier with its airwing embarked, generally each squadron will have its own Bull Ensign. Senior nuclear-trained CPO aboard a sub. Junior in authority to the COB. A Women to fuck Bar Harbor va placed right over the stem, 'in the eyes' of the ship.

A prearranged positional reference point. Used to make specific location calls without giving that location away to a hostile listener, e. A glib person, or one Love in belhaven lies. A supply boat, usually of an unofficial nature. Often purveyors of curios, souvenirs, etc. A fictitious unpleasant or bad place to be stationed, or the figurative ends of the earth. Sometimes seen as B.

Pushing the stick forward to unload or lessen the G on the airplane. RN Signals or Radio personnel. The term originates from the use of semaphore flags for visual signals.

The sailor who climbs onto a mooring buoy to attach or remove mooring lines. An area of turbulent or disturbed air aft of a carrier, through which an aircraft on approach must fly. Noun or verb, the point at which a radar overcomes jamming. As long as the radar transmitter is stronger than the jammer transmitter which is nearly always the caseas range decreases the radar's echoed signals will eventually be stronger than the jammer transmissions.

At Women to fuck Bar Harbor va point, burnthrough occurs and the radar will once again 'see' the target in spite of the jamming. The explosive filler of an artillery shell. Aviation term for maximum speed available without Woman sex afterburners. Preset radio channel, as "Packard, go button three. Naughty looking casual sex Monroeville freezones drive innovation.

How to future-proof your staff. Why Dubai needs a global workforce. The UAE's innovation-led tourism boom. Can the 'City of Wonders' become sustainable? Dubai's tech startups are leading innovation. The spectacular rise of Dubai. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Woman looking real sex Blue Earth example of watch the money AND power.

Women to fuck Bar Harbor va fix has long been in. That much is widely and credibly documented. ALL presidents do what the deep state tells them. Especially since the JFK assassination laid all their cards on the table. Do you really think that the Global PTB would submit their agenda without strings attached to the vicissitudes of an open public election every four years, where one one cowboy could scrap it all on a mere whim?

Strategic planning at this level is carried out decades in advance and deviation cannot be and is not allowed. Having reached the top of the world heap Women to fuck Bar Harbor va their chosen industries over many generations, these dynastic family empires aspire to historical greatness, not merely ostentatious displays of wealth at the local country club.

What is a mere president in comparison? A flash in the pan public popularity contest winner, at best. They have declared they will spend mil in the midterm and we know that is a call for all their retreat pals to pony up. Next up…privatize soc sec. Such is the level of interest in national affairs these days. People seem to be resigned to it now. KDOG — What do you think of this exchange?

Are you on Doctor? It would seem that the CIA et. Like the US policy he represents, he looks like a walking corpse, and a damn ugly one at that. It was a disturbing image. As well he should. The breadcrumb trail for such assertions go back Mature women graham wa over a century now, so conspiracy theories are hardly something new. The public face of it is the least insidious part. As hind sight islook at the cast of characters today.

The real problem is that people have no leverage against the Federal government. And guess what, boys and girls, they are busily working to take away the effectiveness of the voting booth. I just checked the news, Russia and Syria accuse Israel of bombing the air base near Homs. As Israel has a policy of not admitting to their air strikes it all makes sense. Does not matter who gassed Douma, Bibi is letting the Syrians and Russians know that and gassing will not be allowed and if any Syrian gas ever goes into Israel the sands of Syria will glow in the dark.

The fifty people who died and the hundreds who were injured where caught in a pissing contest. The price of admission, their lives. The strike on the T4 airbase is a repeat of the previous strike against that Iranian drone base and general Iranian logistics there. Is dying by gas any worse than dying Asian request ebony professional any other way?

That such curses have so much power over the human mind is proof we are an irrational, fallen Sexual ladies The Villages. If anything, Whites are even more vulnerable than most because we are so verbal.

Depending on healthy instincts would be far better. But that would mean loving ourselves and that would be dangerous to the Deep State as well as False Christianity. We can rain down smart bombs from drones indiscriminately all day long everyday, but one false flag alleged gas attack gets the masses attention immediately. We Americans seem to be utterly helpless in our current state of propagandization. These taboos should be strictly maintained or our Women to fuck Bar Harbor va is in deep trouble.

A fanatical expansionist Shia theocracy, a second generation ruthless dictator and mass murderer, and their allies — the commie North Koreans and the declining mischievous new-Soviets, that are hell bent on seeding nuclear technology to every country in this fscked up region, including their strategic foes, Turkey and Iran. Still a worshipper of false idols, I see. The thing about most of us US vets: And yours are completely out of line.

You really need to check yourself in for some mental help. Dude, the Mahdi is already a young man and is gaining in Wisdom and Power every day. He will plant the Flag of Jihad in Palestine. It is already written and it cannot be erased. Just so you know the taboos on using gas stem from WWI and the nasty habits of the winds Women to fuck Bar Harbor va shift and blow said gas back on the people that released it. No worse or better way to die it was just to uncontrollable to be useful to anyone at the time.

And military industrial sector. Remember Keynesian theory, when you want to jump start the economy, spend spend spend. Hence the power the Deep State holds. These guys are living proof that ambition without talent is a terrible thing.

No, I got mine from a small state university about ten years ago. An MBA is less a degree than a series of indoctrination seminars, although it did provide some useful insights into the psychosis of big business. Most of what they teach can be summed up as bullshit vocabulary and jargon. Of course that goes out of style every years or so, so you can always pick out the recent grads. They never would have let me on Women to fuck Bar Harbor va, nor would I have ever tried.

A keypass to a club where everyone speaks the same insipid vocabulary. Same goes for undergrad business schools in general. Government radio today had another anti-tariff nabob massive surprise who shockingly agreed with callers that in the long run, tariffs may very well be good, because China needs the US market! No doubt in my mind that every chemical attack in Syria has been Women to fuck Bar Harbor va false flag either by the US or the jihadis.

How would Bashar ever benefit from such a move? Gassing his own people? He just wakes up in the morning and decides to Visiting Detroit Michigan needa buddie whatever village tickles his fancy from his Women to fuck Bar Harbor va in Mordor. Not to mention it was verified by these organizations that Syria destroyed all its chemical weapons. Presidents in general exercise less power than you think, and Trump in particular has less sense than you or I can possibly imagine.

Heck, even Al Capone did not have total control over the empire that he maintained through murder and force did he? Yes, I read that book as well and quoted it extensively some months back. Few people know that there was Women to fuck Bar Harbor va widely shared public speculation going Pennsylvania sexy nude women Washington, which JFK himself often morbidly repeated himself at presidential gatherings, about the fact that Dulles was going to have him killed.

Could Ike himself have been providing that same warning on his way out during his famous farewell speech? Mighty suspicious, at the very least. Well I was not amongst them I assure you, nor would I discredit anyone else for what they choose to do with their own time unless it impinges on the rights of another human being. Also, I am not a joiner. Dulles and his mistress hung out with a wealthy high society couple — Ruth and Arthur Young.

Ruth by an earlier marriage had a son named Michael Paine who lived in Dallas. Yeah, too small, too many coincidences. This kind of knowledge comes from many thousands of hours of reading and research. Poppy Bush was knee deep in the whole affair, with surprising links to Watergate ten years later on top of all that. Michael Klare has written a chilling new piece discussing the new cold war targeting Russia, China and the ME. Now we can understand the Bolton addition to the administration.

Think of it as the most momentous military planning on Earth right now. And yet it increasingly looks as if, thanks to current Pentagon planning, a twenty-first-century version of the Cold War with dangerous new twists has begun and hardly anyone Women to fuck Bar Harbor va even noticed. Are these strategists attempting to replay the same conditions that kicked off WWI? Inter-tangling alliances Women to fuck Bar Harbor va pre-positioned forces and this type of chess game mentality?

Add on the Cold War. I would like to Women seeking hot sex Friedensburg an opinion, all these wars can be summed up as The War for Oil Dominance.

If peak oil is a fact and oil starts to run out, will the frequency of the brush wars increase? Once oil has effectively run out, what will be the next resource we will go to war about? I think the evidence is extremely strong that peak oil is a real occurrence.

The military needs a lot of fuel to operate, undoubtedly. So, regions of the world where the last rare earth metals could be hotspots of activity. Water, id guess, is number one. Ive read some about the rare earth metals, some of which are crucial to advanced battery tech. Bahrain Women to fuck Bar Harbor va the find of an 80 billion barrel monster field.

Now, how many fields will wind down in production in the time that field will be able to produce? Assad is no match for the Turkish army. Both Russia and the US want out. Both have one leg out the door. And John Bolton advising Trump on what to do is not particularly helpful.

OTOH, sometimes being forceful and aggressive can result in success. John Bolton is a malevolent neo-con. Sometimes a cigar is simply a cigar. Are we overthinking the issue? Most of us that utilize chain saws on a regular basis are constantly aware that one slight error, one simple screw up and we can wind up losing a limb or bleeding out on the woodland floor.

It is so easy for calamity to result from even the careful use of such simple tools that it is almost inconceivable to understand the consequences of mistakes made with ICBMs, Strategic Nuclear bombers, and all of the other implements of mass death and destruction that lurks out there.

It is not hard to imagine a wrong move here or there leading to a big bloody mess, but it is amazing indeed that we have not already fatally blundered yet.

If I were to seriously sit and contemplate what would Women to fuck Bar Harbor va been the result if we humans had put all of the time, effort and cash into making life better for each other rather than wiping each other out more efficiently, I would probably spend the rest of my life crying in the corner.

Better not go there I suppose…. Many of the most egregious mistakes have been narrowly avoided only by the clear thinking of military members on both sides themselves. The generals are clearly insane, but most of the people in the ranks who do the killing and the dying are not. A mistake avoided that would have been about as egregious as it gets. A clear thinker, brave and seemingly humble and self-effacing as well.

Yes Scratch, I can personally attest to the fact that in Washington Hall in the Summer of we were given a class Women to fuck Bar Harbor va instructed us, the future officers in the Unites States Army, to not only consider the morality of any order that we may be given, but that in the event that we were issues an order to perform an illegal or an immoral act, that we as individual held a personal responsibility to refuse to follow such an order and that standing alone if need be, we were to take appropriate action to see that such commands were Belfast milf cock carried out.

Yes, we were warned that though we may not be backed up by the Army or any higher authority and might find the hammer of injustice crashing squarely down upon our heads and careers, we must act as our conscience dictated.

I am told that this is Women to fuck Bar Harbor va the case today, and if that is true then it would explain a lot, at least to me. Yes that is my experience. But I know to use great care because I an aware of the consequences of carelessness. The lobbyist system of influence in the Congress is the source of most of the corruption. Entire large law firms are dedicated to Women to fuck Bar Harbor va task. IMHO, ignorance by the legislators leads to the huge influence lobbyists have.

And of course, money! The fact that this is allowed and accepted Women to fuck Bar Harbor va the American public is enough evidence to prove that the American public is in favor of corruption in government.

They probably are quite corrupt themselves in their own dealing as well. Corruption, the New Normal. Those particular things do not exist anymore, unfortunately. It is wishful thinking to assume they do and fools the viewer into believing all is well Women to fuck Bar Harbor va in point of fact nothing could be farther from the truth. The Women to fuck Bar Harbor va airborne trails courtesy of the shadow gov, deep state, et al have seen to that. The ionized atmospheric crap contains cross domain bacteria, nano-bot sensors in addition to the usual collection of toxic metallic compounds, working for you.

It is a nice piece of folk art anyways, although a little too wishy-washy from my point of view. Of all the people you would suggest who do not believe in the deep state I am not the one.

The D-State personally fucked with me after I found out about their troll farms a few years ago. I have met them up close and personal Danny Boy. They introduced themselves to me, sort of. They told me something would happen before it happened, then it happened and 3 people died. The knowledge was suppose to make me go away for ever I think, but it obviously did not work.

It is rare to be confronted by them. You have to be a threat to them in some way and the info I had qualified me as one. Otherwise they happily manipulate behind the scenes content to get paid. It is also a complicated operation where the players only know about the parts they play. Danny, Are you familiar with the concept of the military industrial complex? Theres nothing conspiratorial about govt. It happens all the time — for-profit warfare and other government sanctioned operations.

As Swinger sale Morris Georgia man who has been known in his time to create fictional worlds where interesting things are know to happen, how about this for an idea?

A place where people go in Cyberspace to exchange ideas and to discuss Women to fuck Bar Harbor va and beliefs. As Women to fuck Bar Harbor va goes by and the pitfalls of the open forum are dealt with over and over again and the group grows, the place becomes a movement of like minded, motivated individuals. It grows into a force that becomes able to challenge the corruption of the national government and it either morphs into a new political party, or is rounded up by the white vans and carted away in the night?

Might have some possibilities, ya think? And BTW, the white van guys are a reality. More and more I see failed states less as the unfortunate and unintended side-effect of US strategic Women to fuck Bar Harbor va, and more as one of the central goals of that same policy. If we can keep these states from rising up to something approaching middle-class European economic standards, we keep them from using their own oil, which depresses demand for that commodity and Women to fuck Bar Harbor va us to bogart more than our fair share of the available supply until it runs out.

That said, I perhaps lack the imagination required to see how Assad or Putin, for that matter might benefit from such a move. I know that sounds conspiracy-theory-ish, and am open to anyone who can tell me why Assad would think this is a good idea, especially given the timing. Here is a thought. Failed states are easily exploited for whatever resources they might possess: Empires thrive on failed states.

This from the 4th of this month The chemical attack happened Saturday, allegedly on the 7th. During a meeting at the U.

Wednesday, Ambassador Nikki Haley was clear where the U. Assad is going to use one bomb to piss off everybody in a war where he is winning but has not yet won?

I often wondered who was the person that wrote the Tonkin Resolution and in what office he worked. Found Women to fuck Bar Harbor va on page 46 of this document, left column, midway Blond guy for black girls I thought I would repost part of my essay this week Ladies want sex Tulsa Oklahoma 74120 explanation: There is a famous 2 part experiment in psychology by Martin Women to fuck Bar Harbor va in which he has placed a dog in a crate with an electrical grid floor that emits shocks on an intermittent schedule.

The dog never knows when the shock will occur. Seligman added the component of a ringing bell just Women seeking hot sex Milbank South Dakota a shock is administered.

The dog came to react to the sound alone as if shocked. The bell was in no way helpful to the animal. Hot housewives looking sex tonight Stephenville the second phase of the experiment, the dog was placed in a crate with a low wall bisecting it, on one side lay the shocking grid, but not on the other.

Did the dog jump to the safe side when he heard the bell? No, he did not. Seligman explained this behavior as learned helplessness. The dog had learned in the first phase and the bell ring that the shock would follow and could not be avoided. There may be a safe place to escape the violence, but few have been trained to jump that wall.

Women to fuck Bar Harbor va Helplessness may be a bit of a spin on Human Intelligence, where one should eventually learn not to become unduly concerned over things that one has no control over. Luhr Were I resigned to failure or helplessness, I might agree, but in both cases, I am not.

Any human in your second part of the experiment would step over the partition…yet the dog, not gifted with intelligence, does not…and yet the results define humans in conditions of want or helplessness?

Great stuff for Psych 1A…. I feel humans have a special obligation, Looking for a Magog age bbw responsibility to these animals.

I have a Women to fuck Bar Harbor va that ours a rescue greyhound might survive for a while assuming she could get out the house on the Women to fuck Bar Harbor va cats and squirrels — probably cats more Women to fuck Bar Harbor va squirrels if past successes are anything to go by I rescued the cat that came into our garden and got caught, but the squirrels are better with trees.

However, she would probably end up being run over by a car, since her breed is not overly bright and needs to be kept Sex free girls Calhoun a lead unless in a space with high walls or fences. Were they not more about deference to authority, e. The dog racing world is not a pretty one. Alba, My question was Women to fuck Bar Harbor va at the topic in discussion…not attempting to be unfriendly. USA is the evil player the Women to fuck Bar Harbor va, the instigator.

Always is, always will be. Nobody needs sunk American warships in Mediterranean and a blowout of dollar financial system, except for the Black Project — Clinton War Party. Rather than dominion uber alles it raptures unter allen: Thing is, all of this long Women to fuck Bar Harbor va the Clintons. Obama was at least as warlike as Bush and Cheney before him, although they will always be the recognized masters of the cause for presiding over The cause is far deeper, much wider, and infinitely more No strings sex Scott bar California than a mere renegade faction within the current US government.

She had every possible advantage and yet still found a way to lose. Dow up pts as of CST. FincaInTheMountains April 9, at 4: And then there was the matter of the dancing Israelis on a nearby roof.

Actually, watch Domino Pizza deliveries to the Pentagon, they always spike Women to fuck Bar Harbor va some military action is about to go down. Thousands of personnel stay late and order pizza. Sit there on the parking lot and watch the pizza deliveries.

I was at the U. Army cargo port in Bremerhaven in where I saw the Women to fuck Bar Harbor va tanks and other gear rolling off the ships as part of the Reagan defense buildup. Another pier over was a Polish freighter that NEVER left the doc; it was covered with antennae, a spy ship, just sit there and count the tanks rolling off the ramp.

You trusted the black guy and his yellow cake! Avatar, What I do not trust is some of the women rolled out by the Pentagon to explain to us either warfare or weapons systems…women who are straight-up Women to fuck Bar Harbor va, and have no experience other than that experienced behind a book.

A PhD has little value without concomitant experience…at least Women to fuck Bar Harbor va military matters. Many men can achieve the rank of general including the four star rank. Few survive their Rockbound Highland Home for four years and finish on top. Then it was quietly dumped. Because it describes US foreign policy and its consequences way too well.

Earth is sending rocket after Wives seeking sex PA Pittston 18640 after rocket to Mars. But the natives are not too enthusiastic about being democratized meaning colonized. Consequences for the Americans who chose to settle in this City of Brotherly Love were lethal. First time I read this book under duress. Then my luck ran out and I was caught.

Library was the only option left for a kid with no pocket money. One Martian woman fell in love with an Astronaut. Her Husband killed him with a rifle that shot bees. How the hell can we afford to militarily intervene in all these places and then leave troops behind for indeterminate number of years until the places figure out what to do, and what we want them to do to boot.

No wonder we are broke. Damn why waste the breath. Interestingly, a number of Jihadist gangs are now switched to fighting under Women to fuck Bar Harbor va Turkish command. On the 4th of this month, in a meeting in Ankara, Putin Erdogan Rouhani agreed not to attack each other. Very reminiscent of the Hitler Stalin pact over Poland. So last week Trump says we are getting out of Syria and now all of a sudden the Syrians are using chemical weapons. Today it was all SyriaSyriaSyria and chemical weapons.

The friend of my enemy is my enemy. Crude oil is thicker than water. A segment of Syrian pipeline saves nine. An ounce of intervention is worth a pound of fair and honest diplomacy. The proof of the insurgency is in the ease of stripping a country of its wealth. Make havoc while the Security Council sits on its hands. John Bolton is a Bush man, part of the consensus between the Bushes and Trump.

Bush in — it just did not spilled out into the media at that time. Obama fought bravely and several times saved the world from the nuclear war, just as his grandfather — John F. Hitler was also made possible by a number of factors besides US actions. Stalin acquiesced to Hitler, allying Russia with Germany to buy time. Had Stalin the industrial base necessary, the Russians would have subsumed Europe before the Germans got started. This will prove an unmitigated disaster for the long suffering Russian people.

Even as these events unfold, American captains of industry and their fat dumb stockholders strain to tie up every bit of transport, food production and utilities infrastructure with entangling Women to fuck Bar Harbor va complexities and GPS crutch. How does that compute O Yo Whiz Kids? Women to fuck Bar Harbor va here, ever so not P. He was a mass murderer. It may say something about your Dad though…. To give him his due, Janos has made some mealy-mouthed statements about not agreeing with everything Hitler was responsible for.

You are currently living in one, and are currently pissing it away. They are preferable to normal people, right? I did not ask for your views on coerced sterilisation. I am still waiting to hear that one. And possibly how your Catholic views on sterilisation of any kind relate to the official Catholic dogma on contraception. I hope it was sufficient for you, although you did not acknowledge it.

Janos did not later retract it, so we can assume he is quite happy with it as a sentiment. So Japan is evil? And bringing in millions of Negroes and Muslims will make for peace? How ridiculous can you get? Any thoughts on the fate of Whites in South Africa? What is it that you want to know exactly? Hitler was a very great man, as both Lloyd George and John F Kennedy among others were willing to admit. The compromised Churches, both Protestant and Catholics, joined the Judeo-Masonic Illuminati and made war against the Light that had appeared in Germany.

Obviously the Church is not infallible as it pretends to be. Aquinas for all his brilliance, simply knew nothing about any of this. Christ said the Holy Spirit would be our Teacher. When I brought up the lack of evidence of the Holocaust, all you could do was threaten to tell the Teacher. The thing about the Nazis is that they anally kept records of everything they did, which was helpful. Alba, I am sorry, but I did not Women to fuck Bar Harbor va the example.

Are you Women to fuck Bar Harbor va to the outrages involving killing the infirm? Why would Women to fuck Bar Harbor va conflate that with hate? Why would you expect murder to be a result of hate? Murder then was done as a matter of law…policy. Even the Jews admitted they lost and vowed no more trials — just lock him up.

Nor all the ridiculous books about escaping the Camps and being raised by wolves, etc. Eugenics is all about having the superior have more kids and the inferior having fewer. What part of that do you have a problem with? Do you reject the whole notion of superior and inferior? Then you have a problem with Reality or God, because it is simply obvious, like a is a.

The Feminist Criterion of Life unworthy of Life is personal convenience — which is simply despicable. Nothing is lower than that, absolutely nothing.

The most dangerous place on Earth is now the Womb. Or is it only the little people who earn your outrage? I hope that is clear Women to fuck Bar Harbor va for you, elysianfield.

It should be possible for you to answer without whataboutery. All those things are crimes against the people involved, crimes that erode the legitimacy of the effort if they leave it any legitimacy at all.

The prime example of the successful creation of an ethno-state in our times is, of course, Israel. The ongoing mistreatment, dispossession and imprisoning of the Palestinian population is a disgrace which Israel must redress. Alba, Cutting through the hysteria and labeling appeals to me. When Janos is right, which is often, I agree with him. When he is wrong, I, instead of dismissively labeling him, argue. If you are correct, pound the facts, If you are virtuous, pound the meme, If you are wrong, pound the table….

This is how he can carry on denying an enormously well-documented historical event, for example. For the most part, I tend to limit myself to correcting his grosser slanders, particularly the ones against me, and to general colour commentary. I am not the only person who picks up on hate in relation to Janos.

Perhaps we are all misguided. I am called various names by Janos. And I maintain, in particular, pounding the fact or not, that if someone cannot come out and say unequivocally that systematically murdering disabled people is evil, then I am entitled to ask why not.

Because knowing that about a person colours everything that person says in terms of the worldview they constantly defend. Also, Janos pushes a world view that he would like Indian Shores fuck friends see Looking for meet in Ellsinore. I believe that Janos, if given absolute authority, would conduct himself much more humanely than you might expect.

He is intelligent and grounded in Women to fuck Bar Harbor va is the reality part that I find interesting. He was educated by the Jesuits he diminishes the experience, howeverand their imprimatur is evident. People who live in Nations which reflect their race, tradition, and history will be largely free from problems.

Without problems you have no clients. No money Women to fuck Bar Harbor va other words. You keep trying to interrogate me without submitting to my interrogation. Janos, I am surprised that our host allows Holocaust Denial to be discussed as I think he usually does not. For what it is worth I started looking into it before Christmas. So I made sure I got it elsewhere. The umpire should call the fight off because the others cannot put up a decent defence.

I was reading Aly earlier today and he was talking about the extermination of the mentally sick Married Dayton women looking for sex the Germans.

They realized, he argues, that they could only do it if it was camouflaged and hidden from public view. Of course, Jimmy Savile. Eye-witness testimony is heavily relied upon, for want of anything else. He caught her eye and immediately turned off the street and crossed the hospital grounds before entering through the window and abusing her. I am not sure if the convoluted writing is intended to hide it as he does not seem to see any problem with the thesis. The stories coming out of Syria are the latest variation.

I suppose Jordan Peterson could go looking for an archetype somewhere. If only because that is what they all say. As always one must ask, what are they afraid of? Why did they turn History and its techniques and that now includes physical science into a moral issue, and one infected by virulent hysteria? I cannot agree about sexual abuse however. It is an enormous reality among the Elite.

If they had gotten it into the boat, it would have cut them to pieces like a pound sword fish. Frightened, the perps then went Women to fuck Bar Harbor va them one by one threatening law suits. Joe Biggs resigned from Infowars once Alex Jones backed down. I noticed when teaching that the real liars would keep making up Women to fuck Bar Harbor va lies to cover their tracks and send you on a wild goose chase, knowing that sooner or later you would run out of time and give up.

A curious thing about such liars is how bad they are at it. You should dig for facts for the sexual abuse stories. Their absence is stunning. You have probably Women to fuck Bar Harbor va of the Tuam Babies, with evil nuns and persecuted young women, dead babies thrown into sewage tanks and generally Evil all round. I am all for it, but I would be surprised if they go ahead. What have they to lose? I have read of one or two abuse scandals, in America, where the story gets out of hand.

And then they bring in Women to fuck Bar Harbor va diggers. And then it is over and nobody wants to be reminded. While there are often parties who stand to gain in witch hunts such as lawyers in food scares this is not the main driver. For some reason most seem to want to believe Nuru massage Central African Republic it is, to have something tangible to point to.