November 12, 2015  

Friends of the Hilltop Annual Meeting

Hollywood Casino Columbus, 200 Georgesville Road, 43228 at 7:00 pm.

Speakers included:

  • John Rosenberger- Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation
  • Susan Weber- Sustainable Planning & Design
  • Charlie Loutzenhiser- South Central Block watch
  • William Huffman- Friends of the Hilltop Operations Manager


October 24, 2015

The Sullivant Avenue End 2 End Litter Bust 3556 Sullivant Avenue (corner of Sullivant and Wilson).  

August 16, 2015  

Beautification Awards

19th Annual Beautification Awards in the Dorrian Room at the Hilltop Senior Village, 300 Overstreet Way.


July 18, 2015

Martha Park Clean Up 

Martha Park at the corner of Sullivant and Martha Ave corridor clean up.

April 25, 2015 

West Broad Street Corridor Clean Up.

Friends' Park, 2015 W Broad (corner at Whitethorne) cleaning from the park heading east to Glenwood Park.


January 12, 2015 

Community Partner Day at Dirty Frank's West

Thank you to our hosts at Dirty Frank's for making us feel so welcome on January 12 for Community Partner Day. Dirty Frank’s West donated 10% of all food sales from Community Partner Day to Friends of the Hilltop. Friends of the Hilltop also received $1.00 from every drink special sold on Community Partner Day. Thank you to all our members and supporters who ate at Dirty Frank's on Community Partner Day! 



Friends of the Hilltop was proud to be the fiscal agent for the 2012 Uptown on the Hilltop Parade and to co-host the parade with the Hilltop YMCA.

Thank you to these sponsors who helped to make the 2012 Uptown on the Hilltop Parade possible:

  • Scott, Scriven & Wahoff LLP
  • Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP
  • The Century Link Clark M. Williams Foundation
  • State Representative Michael Stinziano



Friends of the Hilltop inaugurated the annual Karen Whitman Hilltop, USA Award in 2011 after the passing of Hilltopper Karen Whitman. Karen was well known for her love and support of Hilltop, USA. After a successful career in real estate as one of the first female realtors on the west side of Columbus, Karen served several terms as a member of the Greater Hilltop Area Commission, including serving as Zoning Chair and in other leadership positions. She was also actively involved with the Greater Hilltop Resource Center and Friends of the Hilltop. Karen served on the Hilltop Business Association Board of Trustees and later as its Executive Secretary. Karen supported any endeavor that benefitted the Greater Hilltop area. She was an inspirational leader.

The award is presented annually to honor Karen and to recognize individuals who carry on her work through their own commitment and service to the Greater Hilltop area. Nominations are accepted throughout the year and recipients are selected by the Friends of the Hilltop Board of Trustees. The award is presented at the annual Friends of the Hilltop Beautification Awards ceremony. 

Past recipients include:

  • Mr. Fred Tompkins
  • Dr. Annette Jefferson
  • Mr. Earl Potts
  • Mr. Dan Downing 


Friends of the Hilltop is proud to have supported the Friends of Westgate Park's mural project by acting as the fiscal agent for the project.

Friends of Westgate Park commissioned award-winning artist Curtis Goldstein to commemorate the historical significance of Camp Chase in a mural at Westgate Park. His work not only honors the role of the neighborhood during the Civil War but also beautifies the park. Curtis began work on the mural on July 3, 2009 and he completed the mural on October 4, 2009.



  • Operation Hilltop Cleanup was a Friends of the Hilltop litter removal initiative in partnership with Keep Columbus Beautiful. At least three area cleanups were planned for each year. The goal was to attack blighted, high-profile areas on the Hilltop to clean up litter, collect recyclables, weed and trim as necessary. Keep Columbus Beautiful provided trash bags, gloves, tools, water and other necessary supplies. 
  • Friends of the Hilltop sponsored an annual cleanup as part of our Earth Day/Arbor Day celebrations. This special event was organized as part of Operation Hilltop Cleanup. We typically set aside Earth Day/Arbor Day to clean up highly visible parts of the Hilltop, such as Glenwood Park and Rhodes Park, especially around the "Welcome to the Hilltop" signs and other Hilltop gateway areas. 
  • Friends of the Hilltop concluded the Operation Hilltop Cleanup Program in 2011 after several years of success under the leadership of Program Chair Sue Laughlin. A new program, the Sullivant Avenue End-2-End Project, was launched in 2012 with the leadership of Jim Lashbrook and Dan Downing. This initiative focuses on developing partnerships and encouraging neighbors along Sullivant Avenue from I-70 to Georgesville Road to beautify this section of the community.



  • Friends of the Hilltop has planted hundreds of trees throughout the Hilltop in parks, at schools, and in other public spaces. We have planted trees at Wrexham Park, Westgate Park, Holton Park, Hantz Park, Rhodes Park, Hilltop Neighborhood Park, and Big Run Park. We have planted trees at Binns Elementary School and Highland Avenue Elementary School. Friends of the Hilltop has planted trees along Wilson Road (north of Sullivant Avenue) in front of the Hilltop Senior Village and in the traffic calming bump outs on Lechner Avenue. In addition to our regular tree plantings, Friends of the Hilltop plants at least ten trees annually through a special partnership with the Columbus City Forester. More trees are coming soon to a park or other location near you!
  • The annual Friends of the Hilltop Beautification Awards recognize individuals and businesses that are making a difference in the Hilltop through their special efforts to beautify our community with attractive and well-maintained landscaping.
  • The West Broad Street Planters represent one of the original Friends of the Hilltop projects. Today, Friends of the Hilltop has 17 planters along West Broad Street. Friends of the Hilltop works with neighboring businesses to maintain the planters. The planters require water, weeding, and feeding throughout the growing season to continue flowering beautifully.
  • Businesses Fostering Planters:
    • Beck & Orr
    • Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church
    • Hillcrest Baptist Church
    • Halderman Dry Cleaners
    • Gearhart's Hardware
    • Schoedinger Hilltop Chapel
    • FasLub (#3)



The Greater Hilltop Area League for the Arts (GHALA) was formed in September 1990 to promote, encourage and support the arts in the Greater Hilltop Area. Its members include students, art lovers, amateur and professional artists — all dedicated to increasing the level of art appreciation in our community. GHALA merged with Friends of the Hilltop in 2011. 


Friends of the Hilltop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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