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The Inn is suspected of being haunted by as many as three different spirits.

As I took the guided tour, Loo,ing arrived in the kitchen and upon peering out the back window saw a large sign hanging on the back of the house at approximately basement level.

It said "Wild Animals" with the words "Importer Exporter" above. Curious why such a strange sign was hanging on the back of the historic building, I of course asked our guide. She told me about a piece of Thoussnd for the area. She told me about Jungleland.

Jungleland was basically the zoo for Hollywood. It housed many of the animals used in movies between the s and s. As lookijg drove up the coast, past the town of Thousand Oaks, you could literally see elephants and occasionally other animals chained to the side of the road advertising the zoo.

But long ago inGoebel's Lion Farm opened its doors at the location. Goebel began working at Gay's Lion Farm in and started off as a butcher of animals for the lions' food before moving up to feeder and grounds keeper. Carl Laemmele closed down Universal Studios' animal division in It housed lions used in a variety of motion pictures.

When the division was closed by the studio, Goebel purchased six of the lions, acquired land in Thousand Oaks and opened up Goebel's Lion Farm. In it was formerly opened to the public. In the late forties and mid fifties it exchanged hands several times, becoming World Jungle Compound and under 20th Century Fox, Jungleland. Goebel recovered ownership of it Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex foreclosure, but entered into an agreement with outside partners to operate it.

By the sixties, Jungleland rapidly increased in popularity and had by now acquired a variety of different animals. The movie industry had also discovered Jungleland and several animal actors were housed at the zoo.

Ed, the talking horse; Bimbo, the elephant from Circus Boy, and Getta, the chimpanzee from the Tarzan films all resided at Jungleland. In addition to supplying these as well as elephants, horses, zebras, and even water buffalo to a variety of different movies, Jungleland also served as the back drop to several movies itself.

Additionally, Goebel also leased animals to circus acts, provided an animal Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex and importation service, Beautiful intelligent women if that applies to you click here phone sex now cam in supplying animals to other zoos including furnishing many of the animals for the first zoo in Hawaii and even supplied most of the rhesus monkeys that were used in vaccine research for polio.

Famed lion tamer, Mabel Stark came to Thousand Oaks in and began hosting performances at Jungleland.

Mabel Stark was probably the world's first woman tiger and lion trainer. Despite being mauled several times by oqks large cats tigers, lions, panthers and othersMabel Stark performed for nearly sixty years at both circuses and parks.

Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex

At one time she faced up to 18 big cats in the ring. She passed away in at the age of Sadly by the mid sixties, Jungleland and Louis Goebel could not compete with the mega amusement parks that were appearing all over southern California. Ranging from Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and Universal Studios, business at Jungleland, and Jungleland itself, began to decline until finally it was forced to close its doors in October of Any of the animals that Goebel did not keep were auctioned off that month to the public.

As an aside note, Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex its last years, Jungleland played host to a birthday party for Jayne Mansfield's six year old son, Zoltan. Zoltan was attacked and mauled by one of the lions that day which of course caused business to slow Wives seeking casual sex Centerpoint afterwards. However, although several people claim this was the straw that broke Jungleland's back, in reality, Jungleland was already struggling financially to stay open as it competed against the much larger and newer amusement parks in Southern California.

Zoltan did in fact survive the attack, a survival Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex was later credited by Mansfield to a ritual performed by Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan.

Jungleland also left its Women want nsa Helena Montana when a black panther Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex in the 's.

Although neither the panther nor its remains are rumored to have ever been found, the local high school is supposed to have taken its mascot's name from it: Several commenters below have added information to this urban legend.

According to several people below, the incident happened inthe panther escaped from its enclosure, but never made it out of the park. It was said to have been found within a day or two and sadly shot and killed. However, recently Irene Avila sent me an article from the Press Courier dated February 11th, in which it discusses a mysterious black panther that had been haunting the area for at "least ten years". So perhaps there is some merit to the legends that the panther lurked around the area for quite awhile.

During the seventies and eighties, the now vacant Jungleland was used mostly as an informal skate and hangout spot by the locals. Despite "No Trespassing" signs being clearly posted, the former animal pools were cleaned out and used as skate board pits, outdoor informal concerts called "Jungleland Jamborees" were occasionally organized Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex the abandoned land, and the entire area became referred to as the "Jungleland Wasteland" by the diverse crowd that hung out on the old zoo grounds.

It could be said that Jungleland helped create Thousand Oaks into the town it is today. Visitors flocked to the zoo from all over, many discovering the area for the first time, and several later deciding to settle down there.

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The entire structure isoakz feet not including the garages. Yes 50 feet by 60 feet and made of strips, the curtain was originally meant to be a fluttering, waving curtain, but the city tied the bottom of the strips down fearing they would be hazardous to nearby motorists on Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex if they broke off and blew away on days with high wind. The art project was created by Antoine Predock and it is rumored that the city is considering changing the art sculpture due to public criticism.

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Map Post to Facebook. Paul Trombetta of Subic Bay Philippineson said: We moved to T.

We were first students at Waverly school. Had to go to Camarillo High for 9th grade, then the new T. It was a wonderful place to grow up. We lived on Brush Hill Rd. David Fruhling of Gold Hill, Oregon on said: David Fruhling here again.

You can add any vintage pictures to the site if you want. Also, I just received the first printings of my first book: If interested in a copy, write me at daviddaveinternational gmail.

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Amanda of Tehachapi, Ca on said: I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks. In the population was about 20, My mom was the book keeper at Jungleland until it closed. Mom used to say the Sex hot women at Carolina trainer said Zoltan was attacked because the lion scared him, that the lion used to come hang out in her office and take naps.

Debra Triplett of Ventura, CA on said: There's a book named "Modoc" about a boy and elephant born on the same day, a true story of their lives together and Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex, and finally meeting once again.

Modoc was once at Lookingg.

One little baby cub bit me on my knee. The trainer was in the cage with me, so I wasn't worried. This would have been inbecause a few months later, November,Jane Mansfield brought her son to Jungleland, and he Housewives looking casual sex Warwick Georgia 31796 mauled by the very same LION!! Tim robertson of ClevelandOhio The rocket sign was removed in the early 80's, when the company moved.

My best friend's father created that sign! It was grandfathered in Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park put a limit on the heights of signs. To Pat Joyce of Branson, I have three sisters.

I suppose you're talking about the eldest, Roseanne or "Rosie" as she calls herself here on Weird California, Jungleland see her comments below She frequents Branson a lot so maybe you two should hook up. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex to my email and I'll hook you up with her if you'd like: I went to "St. Rascals" for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. Father Greany lived in our wex when Dad was transferred to Alameda naval Air Station61, 62 Confessions used to be held im my parent's closet. Oh, went to Catholic schools those three years up in Hayward, first and second grades. Joachim's up there wasn't quite as bad as Greany's mess.

Joe Garibay of Comanche, Oklahoma on said: Pat Joyce of Branson, Missouri Sweet looking hot sex Australian Capital Territory Australian Capital Territory[a] said: I moved to Thousand Oaks in David your sister was in my class at St.

I remember the black panther scare Girla vividly. The whole town was in a panic. My dad was more afraid of the crazies from LA driving around with rifles hanging out of their cars. They all wanted to shoot a Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex.

The panther was shot by a professional hunter hiding under its own cage! In those days you could roam the hills and shoot bb guns or 22s. Just went to my reunion 46 years. Joni Cunningham of Joplin, Missouri on said: My Grandfather and Grandmother, Earney James and Gladys Thompson owned the property next to Louis Goebel's and, from my understanding, were very good friends.

My Dad, along with his older sister Dorothy, was adopted by the Thompson's when he was 4 years old in the fall of Shortly after Clendenin granny sex to live with the Thompson's at their "ranch", my Dad became very ill with pneumonia and almost died. Hearing that his neighbor and friend's newly adopted son was very ill, he came over to see how he was doing and brought him a very special gift.

My Dad has treasured this gift all his life and several years ago before my Dad passed away he gave it to me which I still have. It is a canine tooth from a Bengal tiger that had to be put Girls from Thousand oaks sc looking for sex when a fire in the hay drom spread through the compound injuring 6 Bengal tigers and 2 of the elephants.