Environmental Impact Committee

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What Does the Environmental Impact Committee Do?


Friends of the Hilltop’s mission is to create a sense of wellbeing through environmental improvement, maintenance, and management, thus creating ownership and empowerment in the greater Hilltop area.

 We achieve the mission by improving the environment by beautification, reducing and eliminating distractions such as litter, graffiti, invasive vegetation, illegal signage and shopping cart abandonment. By improving demolition sites, using remediation techniques such as re-grading, demolition debris removal, problematic vegetation removal and establishing grass, thus making these properties maintainable and useable for a myriad of community betterment programs.

We maintain the environment by providing sustainable litter/trash control pickup throughout the community, by mowing/trimming of grassed-vegetative areas that have been ignored or are not part of public and private entities maintenance budgets and by providing landscape maintenance services to other non-profit, public, private and associated community organizations.

We manage the environment by developing educational programs in community public and private schools to establish a curriculum that teaches the reduction of litter/trash and environmental stewardship, by providing direct information using brochures/pamphlets given to residents and businesses that discuss recycling, composting, rainwater and trash/litter management techniques. We advocate with participating, vested waste management entities (public and private) to reinforce consistent, sustainable practices through redirected and targets funding initiatives. We use existing public programs, such as the Work Equity Program to leverage, expand and extend in-place funding to compete with otherwise cost prohibited functions for sustainable environmental improvement, maintenance, and management programs. We create collaborations that are made accountable to environmental issues within the community and governmental structure of Franklin County.

Clean Ups

Friends of the Hilltop performs cleanups in parks and other public spaces throughout the Greater Hilltop area. Cleanups have been hosted at Dry Run Creek, Glenwood Park, Hauntz Park, Holton Park, Rhodes Park, Westgate Park, Wrexham Park and several areas along West Broad Street, including the Hilltop Neighborhood Park and the intersection of West Broad Street and Hague Avenue - affectionately referred to by Hilltoppers as the "Center of the Universe." Sullivant Avenue also became a focus of beautification efforts with our partnership with Franklinton Area Neighbors, on the Sullivant 'End2End' initiative, which became a joint effort in 2012. In 2015 we will partner with Franklinton Board of Trade to clean the Mound Street Gateway and Corridor. We also partner with many civic groups, businesses and residents as we clean and beautify our neighborhoods.

Friends of the Hilltop adopted the chicanes (a type of traffic calming element) on Lechner Avenue (south of West Broad Street). View MapSince the City of Columbus placed the chicanes, Friends of the Hilltop has cleaned and maintained these traffic calmers. We have added topsoil, shrubs, annuals and groundcover perenials. Many volunteer hours have been spent weeding and cleaning the gutters around the chicanes.

Together Against Graffiti (T.A.G.)

T.A.G. (Together Against Graffiti) Team is a program launched in 2008 by Friends of the Hilltop. Working with local businesses and residents, T.A.G. Team removes graffiti from residential and commercial properties. 

T.A.G. Team partnered with the Hilltop Business Association, the Westgate Neighbors Association, Dave Horn, Chris & Courtney Dekle, Schoedinger Hilltop Chapel, and an anonymous donor to purchase a power washer to use in its graffiti removal events.

Please contact Friends of the Hilltop if you see graffiti that needs to be removed. Contact us at friendsofthehilltop@gmail.com or at 614-670-7357.



Friends of the Hilltop also helps beautify the Hilltop working towards the Hilltop resurgence. We plant and maintain the 20 planters along West Broad Street,  the traffic calmers on Lechner Avenue at Floral Avenue, and mow and maintain the park area on Sullivant Avenue at Martha Avenue  and our own “Friends” park on West Broad Street at Whitethorne Avenue. We also clean and mow several right of ways.

 The annual Friends of the Hilltop Beautification Awards recognize individuals and businesses that are making a difference in the Hilltop through their special efforts to beautify our community with attractive and well-maintained landscaping.

T.A.G. preparing to remove graffiti

Lechner Avenue Cleaning & Planting

Karen Whitman Hilltop USA Award

Friends of the Hilltop inaugurated the annual Karen Whitman Hilltop, USA Award in 2011 after the passing of Hilltopper Karen Whitman. Karen was well known for her love and support of Hilltop, USA. After a successful career in real estate as one of the first female realtors on the west side of Columbus, Karen served several terms as a member of the Greater Hilltop Area Commission, including serving as Zoning Chair and in other leadership positions. She was also actively involved with the Greater Hilltop Resource Center and Friends of the Hilltop. Karen served on the Hilltop Business Association Board of Trustees and later as its Executive Secretary. Karen supported any endeavor that benefitted the Greater Hilltop area. She was an inspirational leader.

The award is presented annually as a way to honor Karen and as a way to recognize individuals who carry on her work through their own commitment and service to the Greater Hilltop area. Nominations are accepted throughout the year and recipients are selected by the Friends of the Hilltop Board of Trustees. The award is presented at the annual Friends of the Hilltop Beautification Awards ceremony. 

Past recipients include: Mr. Fred Tompkins, Dr. Annette Jefferson, Mr. Earl Potts, and Mr. Dan Downing.

Graffiti Removed