Friends of the Hilltop: Tree Plantings

Tree Plantings

Friends of the Hilltop has planted hundreds of trees throughout the Hilltop in parks, at schools, and in other public spaces.

The Friends of the Hilltop have planted trees at the following parks:

  • Wrexham Park
  • Westgate Park
  • Holton Park
  • Hauntz Park
  • Rhodes Park
  • Hilltop Neighborhood Park
  • Big Run Park

We have planted trees at Binns Elementary School and Highland Avenue Elementary School. Friends of the Hilltop has planted trees along Wilson Road (north of Sullivant Avenue) in front of the Hilltop Senior Village and in the traffic calming bump outs on Lechner Avenue.

In addition to our regular tree plantings, Friends of the Hilltop plants at least ten trees annually through a special partnership with the Columbus City Forester. More trees are coming soon to a park or other location near you!

Where should we plant trees next? Please let us know! Send a tree request or suggestion to


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Beautification Chair: Dan Downing

The students worked together to place the evergreen at the 1999 tree planting at Binns Elementary School