Friends of the Hilltop: T.A.G. Team

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T.A.G. Team

T.A.G. (Together Against Graffiti) Team is a program launched in 2008 by Friends of the Hilltop. Working with local businesses and residents, T.A.G. Team removes graffiti from residential and commercial properties. 

T.A.G. Team partnered with the following to purchase a power washer to use in its graffiti removal events:

  • Hilltop Business Association
  • Westgate Neighbors Association
  • Dave Horn
  • Chris & Courtney Dekle
  • Schoedinger Hilltop Chapel
  • and an anonymous donor 


Please contact Friends of the Hilltop if you see graffiti that needs to be removed at or at 614-670-7357.

Friends of the Hilltop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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T.A.G. Team volunteers gather after another successful event.