Friends of the Hilltop: Cleanups


Friends of the Hilltop performs cleanups in parks and other public spaces throughout the Greater Hilltop area. Cleanups have been hosted at the following locations:

  • Dry Run Creek
  • Glenwood Park
  • Hauntz Park
  • Holton Park
  • Rhodes Park
  • Westgate Park
  • Wrexham Park
  • several areas along West Broad Street
  • Hilltop Neighborhood Park
  • intersection of West Broad Street and Hague Avenue - affectionately referred to by Hilltoppers as the "Center of the Universe"
  • Sullivant Avenue has also become a focus of beautification efforts

Lechner Avenue Chicanes

Friends of the Hilltop adopted the chicanes (a type of traffic calming element) on Lechner Avenue (south of West Broad Street). View Map Since the City of Columbus placed the chicanes, Friends of the Hilltop has cleaned and maintained these traffic calmers. We have added topsoil, shrubs, annuals and groundcover perenials. Many volunteer hours have been spent weeding and cleaning the gutters around the chicanes.

If you would like to donate topsoil, annuals, or perenials, please contact Friends of the Hilltop. Because of the trees in the chicanes, we can utilize both shade-loving and sun-loving plants. Yuccas, day lillies and other low growing plants seem to do well.

Friends of the Hilltop is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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A group of Friends of the Hilltop volunteers takes a break from working on the Lechner Avenue traffic calmers.