Block Watch Groups

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Block Watch Groups
Information from copied from the Hilltop Historical Society 
Listed below are the Block Watches, the area represented and the coordinator:

    • Block T Blockwatch: Crescent Drive from Binns Blvd to Wetmoor Ave and S Huron fom Broad Street to Crescent Drive, Bob Yocom
    • Camp Chase Blockwatch: S Chase Ave to S. Huron Ave, Borad Street to Sullivant Ave, Lisa Grazier
    • Columbus Division of Police Liason Officer: Officer  614-645-1419
    • Great Western Blockwatch: Haldy Ave and all streets west to Orel Ave, Jay McCallister
    • Hilltop Neighborhood Action Group:  Powell to Ogden/ Broad St to Sullivant Ave: Annette Jefferson
    • Hilltop Senior Village Blockwatch and Civic Association: Overstreet Way off WIlson Park Way, Edward Diamond
    • Ogden Ave BlockwatchLisa and Justin Boggs
    • South Wedgewood Block Watch
    • Wayne Avenue Blockwatch: Sullivant Ave to Mound Street; Charles and Wanda Gaul 614-272-7441
    • Westage Blockwatch:  Westmoor to Demorest  Broad St to Sullivant Ave:   Karen Lorenez 614-272-2650 & Dave Lonsdale 614-272-7148  
    • Wilshire Heights Blockwatch: Crescent Rd to Hague Ave, Sullivant Ave to Eakin Rd, Kathy Hoke, 614-276-5562 
    • WOW Blockwatch: N Wheatland, N Oakley and N. Wayne, John Contonio

How to start a Block Watch

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Block Watch Hand Book Available for Print!